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New Holland Cabin Fever and a Night on Chicago’s North Side

January 9, 2010

A night on Chicago’s North Side, specializing in North American beers from every country.

Brewery: New Holland
Cabin Fever, pint on draught
American Brown Ale
Delilah’s, Chicago

My first trip to Delilah’s was a good one. I had always heard that this extensive-bourbon-collection and punk rock dive was a good one, and considering it’s walking distance from my apartment, it shouldn’t have been such a long time. Anyway, with a background of Elvis concert footage (it was his 75th birthday), I tried the New Holland Cabin Fever. (Also of note – Delilah’s takes their beer seriously too. A solid selection of craft brews on tap, many more in bottles, proper glassware for each style, and even one of those contraptions that shoots water in the glass to rid it of any impurities before pouring a beer.) Generally unremarkable but good all at the same time. There wasn’t anything particularly noticeable about this beer other than the feel. It goes down almost like a stout…lower carbonation, thicker than most English brown ales. If you wanted to session a dark ale, this would be a good one.

After sampling the finer points of Delilah’s tap, my drinking partner (the man behind Radio Free Chicago) and I decided to take a trip all around North America. Perhaps in a tribute to the cold weather in which we were about to depart, I opted to venture north to Canada and try Delilah’s $3 Labatt Blue special, complete with red maple leaf on the can. My drinking partner opted to stay local and get the obviously most ‘merican beer possible. PBR you say? Psh. Please. Dude got himself an American beer. That’s right. The brand “American”. Needless to say, I was jealous. For the record, I cannot find any information on this wonderful beer, but I did see that wholesale for a case is less than $10 from a couple different distributors.

Schlitz vanity shot in Schuba's photo booth

Heading up the street to the very empty Lincoln Tap Room, I ventured south of the US border to Tecate. Much like the Labatt Blue that I downed before heading out in the cold, this beer reminded me of a frat party. Except Tecate : Southern California as Labatt : Upstate New York. Out.

Strutting into Schuba’s and feeling saucy, we scan the bar for some hints on specials. And there it is. Schlitz. On tap. In the old school branded pilsner glass. I ventured north of the border, then south, and came right back to where I belong. America. F— yeah.

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  1. Shayne Golden permalink
    January 22, 2010 1:48 am

    That sounds like a great place! Tecate, ( sorry, but gotta drink with a lime) is one of my favorite south of the border beers. Mostly because, well, I know it won’t be skunky. Most beers that come in clear bottles, such as Sol or Corona, get too much sunlight passing through, thus gettin the skunk too early. Brown bottles always work the best cause it blocks that awful sun from disrupting the beer. If you drink: Heineken, Rolling Rock, Becks, Fosters… you better make sure it’s fresh.
    I have never seen Schlitz on tap! That is freakin awesome! There is a place in Niles, I believe called Kubiak’s, that has Natty Light on tap! The place is older than the hills and has a distinct charm of making you feel unwelcome, but worth it at least once to sit down at the bar and shoot the moon with the regulars. It’s quite an experience.

    I’m gonna have to check out this “American” beer. I hate to even ask, and I know you were in a regional beer place, but is the beer “American” made and produced? Nowadays, you never know!

    • January 22, 2010 3:13 am

      I tried looking “American” beer up but couldn’t find anything save for that one wholesale site that gave no info about it. I think a return trip is in order. You’d like this place. Oh, and as for Mexi-beers, I actually really like Pacifico (brown bottles of course!). Otherwise, meh.

  2. Lindsay Edmondson permalink
    January 26, 2010 12:03 am

    Is it “American” or “All American”? Our friend Jeff buys All American beer. It’s so cheep, and according to him, tastes just as good as any other light beer. I’ve never tried it, but I always know that Jeff’s been by when I find an All American in the fridge. It even has a bald eagle on the can!

    • January 26, 2010 12:12 am

      Oh my God, I’m pretty sure that’s it. Take a picture of the can next time – that’s hilarious!

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