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Bell’s Winter White Ale

January 13, 2010

Brewery: Bell’s Brewery
Winter White Ale, 12 oz. bottle
My fridge
Stolen from roommate

Anyone I know who has tried this beer agrees with me on my main sentiment: if you covered up the label and just poured the beer for me, I’d probably like it a lot more. This is not a knock on Bell’s Brewery – I really like a lot of their stuff. But my big issue is calling it a Winter Ale. Yeah, it’s a white ale, and thus will be lighter bodied, but this is not a warmer. It feels odd drinking it in cold weather. I’d love to have this in the fall, or maybe the first stretches of spring.

Now. On to this beer as if it were a blind (well…blind to the label) taste test. Poured into a pint glass, it’s a nice light cloudy beer with really small carbonation. Minimal white head. The smell is really nice – very yeasty. After the fact, I read that this is their take on an American wheat ale with Belgian and Hefe yeast, which I suppose explains a lot. The taste is a lot like the smell, nice and yeasty, citrusy, and crisp. A bit of spice, which I suppose is how they are able to call this a winter beer. Personally, I’m not big into white ales, so this bit of spice was, well, nice. The spice was nice. There. I said it. The beer finishes really crisp with a bit of that Belgian yeast aftertaste. Not bad at all, one of the better white ales that I’ve had. Wish this was available year round, but it’s a winter-only release. I may pick up a six-pack to keep until March or April.

Final verdict: I’d buy it again, especially if it’s on sale

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