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Lost Abbey Ten Commandments

January 14, 2010

Brewery: The Lost Abbey
10 Commandments, 750ml corked bottle
Belgian Strong Ale
West Lakeview Liquors

Man, am I excited about this beer. I had this many moons ago at Neighborhood in San Diego with the lovely lady behind (I feel like this may have been around March? I don’t know, I remember the weather was like 70 degrees and sunny, which narrows it down, um, zero percent.) Seeing as how this is a Spring release, once that keg was gone from Neighborhood, I was unable to find this again. I’d tried a few other Lost Abbey ales, and I remember digging the Inferno, but never had the same reaction I did to the 10 Commandments.

This is how I blog.

The label says this is an ale brewed with honey, raisins, and…rosemary? What? Well, I guess in the Belgian-beers-taste-like-sweet-bread kind of sense, yeah, that does make sense. Panes Bread Café, right by my apartment here in Chicago, has an olive oil and rosemary bread that I occasionally purchase because, well, it’s wonderful. Anyway, unlike a couple of Lost Abbey beer’s I’ve had, the raisins spices aren’t completely overdone. You get the subtle hint of rosemary right at the finish and a bit in the aftertaste. Overall, this is definitely a strong ale. Dark brown with a very light tan head, the smell is subtle yet spicy.

I guess I’m not feeling writing an insane amount of details about this beer right now. But do not let that obscure my love for this beer. This is by far my favorite Lost Abbey beer I’ve ever had. It’s got the perfect compliment of the delicate yeast strains of a Belgian with the dark, spicy kick-in-the ass of a strong ale with a unique finish that’s phenomenal. The fact that this is a spring release also makes it unique – I dare you to find a spring seasonal that’s as bold and flavorful as this one.

Final verdict: I will buy it whenever I see it.

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