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Lakefront Brewery / Milwaukee Trip (Part 2)

February 4, 2010

Brewery: Lakefront Brewery
Poison Arrow IPA, Bridge Burner Special Reserve Ale
The Wicked Hop, Sugar Maple

So after the enjoyable Lakefront Brewery tour and some shenanigans at our downtown hotel, the group headed to The Wicked Hop for an additional beer and much needed dinner. The Wicked Hop is a clever place, although I can’t say much for the service, both front of house and waitstaff. Their food is decent, and their beer selection is outstanding. The single beer I did try was another Lakefront brew, of course.

Lakefront Brewery Poison Arrow IPA (IPA) Perhaps it was the dim lighting in the balcony loft of the converted industrial space where The Wicked Hop is set, but this beer looked a lot darker than most IPA’s that I’m used to. The taste was like most IPA’s. Nothing exceptional in my opinion, but a tasty beer with a spicy black bean burger. Good enough to order again, for sure.

Next on the list was Sugar Maple, a (smoke free! unlike some establishments in WI) chilled out beer bar in the clever Bay View area just south of downtown Milwaukee.

Sugar Maple

Lakefront Brewery Bridge Burner Special Reserve Ale (American Strong Ale): Now THIS is the stuff that Lakefront needs to be pushing! A hop aroma that can only be described as ballsy, this one pours a deep reddish amber with a great looking one finger head.  The flavor is equally as muscular. Fairly balanced malts but a really piney hop taste and a thick, creamy feel. Good and heavy to match the aroma and taste, this was by far my favorite beer of the day, and ironically, the only Lakefront beer I directly paid for. (Though not much. For such a stellar tap, Sugar Maple keeps the prices really low, around five bucks a pint.) I doubt this will make its way down to Chicago, but I’ll certainly be on the lookout for it. Cheers!

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