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New Belgium Ranger IPA

February 5, 2010

Brewery: New Belgium Brewing Company
Ranger IPA, pint on draught
American IPA
Quenchers, Chicago IL

Don’t say Yelp never gave ya nothin’! The three other bearded, hearty beer drinkin’ amigos from my grad school class and I hopped the Fullerton bus over to Quenchers after class this Thursday to meet up with the Yelp Beer Appreciation Society for some libations.

After getting a particular Imperial Stout that was not very imperial, one of the ladies from the Yelp-tastic crew was kind enough to grab the bearded gentleman from New Belgium, who I now realize is a “Beer Ranger”. Dude had tasters of the New Belgium Ranger IPA, that, up until about four minutes before, I had no idea existed. As I was telling the group, I like pretty much everything that New Belgium brews top to bottom, even if it’s a style I’m not particularly into.

They say they use three different hop varieties in the Ranger IPA, but the piney ones come out the most. A good bit of citrus too, but I’m not getting any particularly floral hops. Either way, it’s one hell of a hop balance, and for 70 IBU’s, is quite smooth. As our friendly Beer Ranger kept mentioning, this is a very sessionable IPA. The finish is rather mild considering how hoppy as the beer is, and that’s where most of the flavor ends up.

The other good news that I learned from the New Belgium rep is that Chicagoland will soon be graced with New Belgium Trippel! Ounce for ounce, I feel this is one of the best trippels out there considering it’s about $9 a six-pack.

Final verdict: I’ll definitely buy it again.

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