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Half Acre Baumé

February 13, 2010

Brewery: Half Acre Beer Company
Baumé, 22 oz. bottle
Chocolate Rye Stout
Binny’s Beverage Depot, Lakeview, Chicago

Woo, it’s Friday! After an only mildly successful attempt at writing a paper (yeah, on a Friday, I know, right?), I opted to go for the pleasure trifecta: beer, a burrito, and college basketball. The Half Acre Baumé that’s been hanging out in my fridge for a couple days was calling my name.

Told you I was happy.

The pour is thick and black, making me happy. This seems to be even thicker than the Big Hugs coffee stout. Nice light tan two finger head that dissipates into a thin layer that sticks around on top throughout. Beautiful. Smell is very chocolatey, with bits of espresso and rye, but mostly chocolate.

As for the taste, I feel as though the rye is either underdone or unnecessary. Honestly, this is such a spectacular beer that I wish it wasn’t there at all. The chocolate notes, espresso notes, and hops all work really well, but the rye just makes it feel like there’s too much going on. Mouthfeel is right on, maybe a bit fizzy, but decently balanced. Compared to how it poured it’s deceptively light.

I let this warm up a bit because the chill brings out the hop bite and alcohol finish. The temperature brings a little bit more of the rye out, but it’s still really subtle. Alcohol and hops linger afterward, and the chocolate flavor is present throughout. I’m a big fan of chocolate stouts, and because of the slight bit of rye and plentiful hops, this one stands out. Not necessarily better than all others – just different.

Final verdict: I’d buy it again since it’s a limited run.

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