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Oskar Blues Ten Fidy

April 22, 2010

Brewery: Oskar Blues
Ten Fidy, 12 oz. can
Imperial Stout

Craft beer in cans. Get used to it, because it’s the hot trend right now. I’ll admit, I was initially skeptical. Here’s why: craft beers are by no means ubiquitous in the overall beverage market. I do not question the tangible benefits of canning craft beers. Cans don’t allow any light in, they seal and preserve better than bottles, they’re much lighter, and aluminum recycles much better than bottles. Besides, you’re pouring it in a glass anyway; you won’t be tasting aluminum on your lips. However, the general populous likely has the perception that canned beer = cheap beer. What’s the average consumer going to think when he sees a four pack of tall boys for like $9? I know the audience already drinking craft and microbrews will be receptive to the idea, but I still worry about the perception from the Corn-and-Rice-Derivative-Light crowd.

Fortunately, I’m not one of those. That’s why I love that I open a can of beer and it’s not immediate foamy suds flowing out the side of the can. A nice soft pop. No suds. No bubbles all over.

This ain't no Keystone Light.

Pours thick and black with a one finger brown head. I let this sit for a few minutes, allowing the head to dissipate into a thin ring around the glass and a little bit of brown film on the top. This beer is blacker than the blackest black…not a hint of light is getting through anywhere. Malts, molasses, and maybe some dark fruit in the nose…it’s not very strong for as menacing as this beer looks. The first sip makes me a believer. Ten fidy this is good beer! Thick and sweet, the molasses flavor comes out more in the taste, especially as it warms.

So I got this from my friend Wally, who lives in Wisconsin. I don’t know that it’s actually available in Chicago. So is this like…$10.50 a six pack? I’m kinda curious now.

I dig that they put the “pack it in, pack it out” on the can. Can you imagine taking this on a camping trip? Wait. I think I’m going camping in a couple months. Sweeet. I’m gonna trump all the fizzy yellow beer with this manly brew…which I’m assuming I can pick up for ten dollars and fifty cents. Somewhere.

Ten Fidy!

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  1. April 23, 2010 10:57 pm

    Saw this at BevMo yesterday for about $15.50!

    I bought some other canned beer though: Maui Brewing Co’s Big Swell IPA. Tasty stuff.

    Also, of note, if you ever are cooking and want a beer pairing recommendation, DM @BistroBeer and Dr. Bill will give you a winner. He responded to me in like 30 min!


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