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Revolution / 3 Floyds Collaboration: Sodom & Gomorrah

August 31, 2010

Brewery: Revolution Brewing Company / Three Floyds Brewing Company
Beer: Sodom (snifter) & Gomorrah (pint)
Style: Russian Imperial Stout, Small Stout
POP: Revolution Brewing Company, Chicago
Price: $9 snifter, $5 pint

Sometimes I struggle with whether or not to post about limited-run beers that I know are gone. Most of the time I spend so much time worrying and procrastinating (a debilitating vicious cycle, as Hyperbole and a Half demonstrates here and here) that by the time I reach ultimatum time, the release is so far past that it wouldn’t even matter.

But dammit, I’m gonna crank this one out while at least one of these beers is still on tap, and the other one is still alive in recent memory and not just my poorly typed iPhone notes and beer-stained thoughts.

The fine folks at Revolution Brewing Company here in Chicago and 3 Floyds Brewing Company met to do a collaboration on two half-batches of beer from the same full batch mash, a method called parti-gyle. The end result was Sodom and Gomorrah, a Russian Imperial Stout and a small stout, respectively. Hearing that the last keg of Sodom was on the ropes, I took a break from work (freelance FTW) and biked over to Rev for lunch.


Sodom, the big Russian Imperial Stout, is an 11% monster poured into a snifter. Tastes just as bold as Revolution/3 Floyds described, but with the chalky feeling and hint of semi-sweet chocolate on the palate, which I did not expect. It works quite well for this beer. The medium sized brown head sticks around on top and on the sides of the glass throughout the whole beer, with an oily residue that stains the glass a pale copper. As it warms, the finish becomes nice and sticky-sweet. Phenomenal.


Of course, I couldn’t leave without a pint of the Gomorrah small stout. Comparable to a dry stout, it’s poured straight up in a pint glass, a deep brown with an off-white head. Gomorrah is the Danny DeVito to Sodom’s Arnold Schwarzenegger. A bit watery, but purposefully thin, instead of savoring tiny sips of Sodom, Gomorrah begs you to take a big swig and peer out the window onto sunny, bustling Milwaukee Avenue. A perfect beer for a warm-but-starting-to-feel-like-fall day. The coffee notes come through more than the chocolate did in Sodom, and the hops are subtle and subdued more than I expected. While I like this as a cool concept beer, it might not stand on it’s own.

Overall, a cool collaboration. And hey, I even learned something about a brewing style I’d never heard of before.

*As of this posting, I’m sure Revolution is tapped out of Sodom. No idea about the 3 Floyds brewpub. Gomorrah is still available on tap.

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