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Half Acre SS Simon Short

December 7, 2010

SS Simon Short

Brewery: Half Acre Beer Company
SS Simon Short, growler
Half Acre brewery store, 4257 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago

Is it January? Naw, man, it’s August! Er…December.

Damn, I’ve been out of it for a while, it would appear. Pair things like school being busy, work picking up, a crippling addiction to the far reaches of the internet, and a fear of publishing anything that hasn’t been meticulously and unnecessarily critiqued by yours truly, and that’s gonna happen.

Once again, the folks over at Half Acre hit it out of the park with a small batch brew. This past Friday was the annual release of the Big Hugs coffee imperial stout. Saturday, I showed up to get the Big Hugs and walked out with this. Let that sink in. Now, don’t get me wrong, I bought some bottles of Big Hugs and will try to snag a growler too if it holds on for a while. But after tasting it, I could not pass up this limited run.

But, before getting into the SS Simon Short, this begs the question (complete with poor grammar): How come nobody brews porters any more? Let me take a stab at this. It’s hard. That’s why. I’ve had a few porters that have been, well, pretty weak. Like, yeah, it’s dark and has a faintly earthy/nutty flavor and nose, but it’s not complex and there’s no body to it.

This photo brought to you by hipstergram. Oh, it's called Huh.

Now. Half Acre wouldn’t stand for this kind of porter. So they made a good one, perfect for this stupid cold weather. Straight out of the growler and into a pint glass, it’s deep brown but not black with an uneven, bubbly tan head. This smells perfect – roasted malts and a hint of sweetness, but not overpowering on the nuttiness. The taste is very much the same, with just the slightest hint of hops. The body is full, with a balanced, but not heavy, mouthfeel. Plus, at only 6% ABV, this is the perfect beer to pour a big pint, take a healthy swig, and be glad you’re inside where it’s warm.

And thus, my love affair with Half Acre beers continues. Carry on, fellas.

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