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Micro and nano cans – they’re coming.

November 23, 2011
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The craft can revolution is well underway. It’s been well documented. I’ve even written about it in a review. Simply put, modern cans are better packaging for finely crafted beers.

Perhaps you’re already indoctrinated into the canned beer community. You may have even attended Canfest in Reno recently. And if you did, you probably got to crack open some aluminum with some fine folks who are furthering matters in this world without being a commercial brewery. Enter The Can Van.

Here’s the shtick. There are breweries out there who bottle and keg exclusively. There are those than can and keg exclusively. We’re starting to see an uptick in breweries that do both. (The Beer Student’s favorite Chicago local Half Acre Beer comes to mind.) But for the most part, this packaging mix is being slowed by the two things facing almost every micro, nano, and craft brewery in the US: space and money. The Can Van’s idea is that not every brewery that wants to can needs to have a full-time canning line. As such, they’re investing in a canning line of their own and making it mobile by placing it inside a trailer and hauling it from brewery to brewery. Thus, a brewery with an output that doesn’t warrant the cost of an entire canning line can now jump in the pool and send cans to the masses.

Beer goes in. Canned beer comes out.

Look for this to really jumpstart the smallest of breweries. The number of craft beers available in cans is still relatively small, and as such, being one of the first players in this market will likely benefit for a much longer term than just the small influx of cash from the sale of a 4 or 6-pack.

I’d explain more about the process, but it would be better to let the experts take care of it. They’re crowdfunding the startup on perennial small business site IndieGoGo. Check out the video, read the story, invest. And get to drinkin’.

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