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About the author:

Hey, I’m Brian Miller. I’m a grad student at DePaul University in Chicago Illinois. I moved here from San Diego in 2009, but I grew up in Indiana. In addition to going to grad school and writing this blog, I’m a media and marketing professional (currently looking for work), musician (bass), urban cyclist (single speed freewheel), and vegetarian (bean and cheese burrito). Yes, I’ve got a website.

You can also catch up with my personal Twitter account here: @brian_miller.

Possibly Asked Questions:

Why “The Beer Student”?
It’s twofold. First, this is a study and discovery of lovingly brewed beers. Though it’s fun, it requires dedication and homework, just like school. Secondly, we all know that grad students like myself don’t have a lot of money. That’s why I include price in my posts, because value is important to me. That’s not to say it’s the most important thing, and I will always review based on taste, but a $5 beer that clocks in at a similar taste level will get more praise from me than a $15 whopper.

Why not review on Beer Advocate or RateBeer?
I do use both of these tools pretty much every day, but I’ve shied away from being a contributor. Why? The general review format for both of these is very structured and very objective. I love beer and I love the craft, but it’s meant to be fun! I prefer to tell stories, making each review more subjective.

Whoa, you drink a lot! What gives?
Actually, I don’t. The number of drinks that I have in a given week is pretty average for a 20-something single guy. While I generally drink beer every day, rarely do I have more than one or two drinks in an evening.

What’s your favorite style?
I go through phases. When I first started getting into craft and micro brews, I loved English brown ales and American strong ales. Since then, I’ve pretty much hit everything. Lately, as of the start of this blog, I’ve been into Imperial Stouts.

Anything you don’t like?
Sours. I’ve tried. Can’t do it.

Can I contribute too?
Hmm. I’d never really thought of that, but once this is up and running full strength, why not?

So what’s the point?
I like to further the interests of the craft brewing industry. That, and it’d be nice to get a job working for a brewery.

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